Frequently asked questions – FAQ

1.When do I need to place my order by?

Orders need to be received by 1pm, the business day prior

2.How long before the service times should I schedule the order?

Double Drummer recommends that delivery for catering to occur 30 mins, prior to service times for cold food and 15 minutes prior for hot food orders.

3.How is my catering presented?

Within 4 National Circuit, items are presented in platters. All other deliveries, catering is presented in signature catering boxes.

4.What is the minimum order?

The minimum charge for a single order is $50

5.Is there a delivering charge?

Barton delivery is free, all other suburbs incur a $18 charge. 

6.Do you supply disposable napkins, plates, cups and serving utensils with my order?

Unless requested, Double Drummer will not provide cutlery etc. Just let us know if required and your request can be added to the order. Or go to the extras tab to order.

7.How do I place a quote?

Double Drummer has on-line catering. Just visit our website and visit our on-line catering tab. Alternatively, you can email a quote through or call direct on 6273 8008.

8.How do I know that there will be enough food?

Double Drummer has a reputation for generous catering. We use gourmet loaves and traditional sandwich bread that are not small.

9. Can I place an order at the last minute?

Orders or changes placed after 1pm one business day proper will incur a late change charge - $15. 

10.When will I be invoiced for my order?

An invoice will automatically generate 2 hours after the order has been delivered.

11.How do I pay for a catering order?

We accept cash, bank transfer or credit card payments. Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard, Amex) incur 1.5% surcharge.

12.Does Double Drummer accept corporate accounts?

Double Drummer accepts corporate accounts. Contact Double Drummer directly on or call 02) 6273 8008.

13. Is there are delivery charge for Barton?

Barton delivery is free. All other suburbs incur $18 charge.

14. How do I confirm an order?

If you have received a quote via our on-line catering, just click on the approve now button to approve the quote. You will receive a confirmed email. Otherwise email catering to confirm the order.

15. When will I be invoiced for my order?

An invoice will generated automatically 2 hours after the event.

16. How do I pay for the catering order?

We accept cash, bank transfer or credit card payments. Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard, Amex) incur 1% charge, Amex 3%. All our payment methods are detailed on the bottom of our invoice.

17. What happens if my event cancels and I need to cancel or modify by catering?

Cancellations and or modifications need to be received by 1pm, one business day prior. Cancellations made after 1pm incur full payment. 

18. How many servings to do receive per serving of sandwich?

Traditional sandwiches and Gourmet sandwiches (Turkish, Baguettes, Wraps)are 1 sandwich per person.

19. How are the sandwiches presented.

All sandwiches (Traditional and Gourmet) are cut in half and individually wrapped.

20. What type of sandwich fillings are there?

Traditional sandwiches are served on premium sandwich bread, baked fresh daily (not frozen) on white, multigrain and or wholemeal bread. Gluten free bread is available on request. Sandwich filings may change daily. Dietaries will be accommodated where possible, just let us know. All breads may contain traces of nuts. Separate dietary requirements incur $2 fee.

21. Will there be a charge for lost or damaged equipment?

Yes, damaged or lost equipment will incur a replacement charge.

22. What dietaries can you accommodate?

We can accommodate vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, dairy free. Separate dietary requirements incur a $2 charge per request. Other dietaries however will need to be considered and separate dietary requirements fee will be charged per request. 

23. What are your opening hours

Double Drummer is open Monday to Friday 7am to 2pm due to corona virus. 

24. Does prices include GST?

Yes, the prices are inclusive of GST.

25. Are there any charges for the catering boxes?

No, these are inclusive of the price.

26. Looking to organise an event.

If you are looking to arrange an event at Double Drummer, please contact